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    LED Engineering Piping
    Product description
    LED engineering piping

    In the fields of microelectronics, new energy, precision industry, biological engineering and pharmaceutical industry, the production process has extremely strict requirements on the cleanliness of the production environment. Committed to providing advanced clean room solutions, according to the user's production process requirements and industry norms, reasonable design and construction of clean plant, so as to achieve advanced technology, reliable quality, energy conservation and environmental protection, and the operation and management of the system to provide a full range of professional services.

    The general contracting service of clean plant and facilities provided for users integrates air cleaning technology, aseptic technology, pollution prevention and cross-contamination technology, energy conservation and emission reduction technology, pays attention to the application of clean new materials and new construction methods, and introduces risk management concept into the whole process of design, construction and operation.

    With an experienced project design and verification team and a sound project management system, it is a reliable guarantee of the quality, budget and construction period of the clean plant construction.

    National grade ii general contractor qualification for mechanical and electrical equipment installation/GC2 qualification for pressure pipeline design and installation

    Strictly follow fed.std.209d/E, iso14644-1, GB50073 international and domestic industry standards.

    Meet the new GMP requirements for dynamic cleanliness, high-risk operation areas and isolated operation.

    Efficient purification air conditioning design, keep the system running continuously and reduce energy consumption, to create a green clean workshop.

    High quality interior material selection, strict aseptic control design and management guidance, to ensure that the surface bacteria quantity index compliance.

    The wall and ceiling system adopts modular design and factory pre-production, field assembly, construction of high quality and efficiency.

    Advanced automatic control system, dynamic monitoring of clean plant operation.

    Comply with GAMP5 and FDA Part 21 requirements.