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    The times are advancing, the market is changing, the enterprise is developing, and we are firmly committed to the year after year with a passion. Looking back on the past, I have a long way to go. We will continue to adhere to the market-oriented goal and build engineering and service advantages with guaranteed quality and competitive cost. In the engineering performance, we will strive to improve its quality and cost competitive advantage, combining quality and cost elements! In the work service, we will continue to improve the internal management system, strengthen internal harmony, enrich the internal affairs, standardize management, and further strengthen the foundation!

    We strengthen our confidence, carry forward our achievements, invigorate our spirit, and then exert morale. With our joint efforts, we will continue to create a new glory of Wuxi Tesd!

    We are also always grateful. It is precisely because of the support and care of friends from all walks of life that we have today's achievements and self-confidence. Therefore, the pace of advancement has become more solid and more powerful. Here, I sincerely thank all the staff of the company for their sincere gratitude to the new and old friends from all walks of life who have given Wuxi Tesde's enthusiastic support and friendly cooperation! And sincerely look forward to friends from all walks of life to give us the same care and support.

    We are eager to cooperate and win. Today's social competition and cooperation, opportunities and challenges coexist, we not only participate in competition, we will pursue cooperation, and partners with the storm, and seek common development, become your most reliable friend forever!



    General Manager of Wuxi Tesd Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.: Dongxu Gao